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Awesome massage by Liz, was very impressed with her firm touch and managed to get rid of all of my annoying pockets of tightness. Will be back for more!

- Louise Hazel (International Heptathlete)


I have been a keen sportsman my whole life, resulting in numerous injuries and problems for which I have undergone a wide range of treatments. Elizabeth treated me for Tennis elbow, which I had for five months before enlisting her help. I was in immense discomfort, to the point of waking up during the night and being unable to complete day to day functions. Shaking hands and lifting a kettle were two of the simple things I could not do with my right hand. After a couple of sessions with Elizabeth I was sleeping soundly and the pain decreased to the point of being absent for most of each day. Six weeks later I was in Thailand doing four hours a day kickboxing and have been able to resume playing squash and lifting heavy weights without issue. Her sports massages are second to none, as are her prices. I can't recommend her highly enough

- Ross Noades


When I increased my running distance from 10k to 15k, 5 times a week, I developed knee pain. So I looked for Physio, Elizabeth diagnosed runners knee (Chondromalacia). Treatment quickly helped resolve my pain and I could then start working on my muscle imbalances. I was extremely happy to get back to my training programme with the fantastic help of Elizabeth. If I ever have any future problems I will definitely contact her straight away!

- Andrew Jones


I was very sceptical about muscle activation. Although i felt an immediate increase in strength as Elizabeth tested me after each treatment. I also played the best cricket match I have played in years the day after the session! Fantastic would recommend to everyone!

- Mike Clarin


I saw Elizabeth after another flare up of my neck pain. I have had lots of physio in the past but nobody has managed to help resolve it as quickly as Elizabeth. Amongst other things she used muscle activation (which was a bit uncomfortable) but I genuinely feel the best I have in years, not only with my neck but throughout my whole body!

- Carol Western


Elizabeth spotted the cause of my pain straight away, 4 sessions later I am pain free! I wish I had contacted her sooner!

- Kelly Anderson


Amazing service, Elizabeth fitted me in the day after I contacted her!

- Richard Kent


Elizabeth has treated the whole family now and has proven an expert in all areas! Would never go to anyone else!

- Lorraine Ash.


I have been very happy with the physio services from Elizabeth. She is very kindly, professional and knowledgeable I am looking forward to more sessions with her and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone with a neurological or physical condition that affects their mobility. As at the time of writing, my treatment has not been completed but I am confident that under Elizabeth's expert care my mobility will be improved dramatically very quickly.

- Clive Meller


Fantastic service, physio and results! I will not be using any other physio other than Elizabeth in the future, and I will be making sure all of my friends know about Elizabeth's expertise!

- John Moore


Receiving treatment from knowledgeable physiotherapist, Elizabeth Edwards, has enabled a recovery from old injuries that were the result of a fall. Receiving treatment during home-visits was very helpful as my mobility (walking and driving) were greatly restricted. I would not hesitate in contacting Elizabeth for assistance again. I have recommended Elizabeth to others and will continue to do so.

- Annie Robinson


I had physio with Elizabeth for calcific tendonitis in my shoulder. She was very professional and took the time to explain everything to me without all of the medical jargon! I completely regained the lost movement in my shoulder, would definitely recommend Elizabeth to anyone in pain.

- Penny White


I saw Elizabeth after a car accident affecting my neck. I received first class treatment at home, and was particularly impressed with how consistently professional and efficient Elizabeth has been. I will continue to highly recommend her services.

- Claire Clayton


I have had trouble with my knee since an injury at work last year. I worked with Elizabeth and in just four sessions I am now completely pain free. I am truly amazed with the results! I found Elizabeth both friendly and competent throughout my treatments.

- Brian White


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy uses a wide range of treatment techniques on your joints, bones and muscles to increase mobility and reduce pain. At Elizabeth Edwards Physiotherapy, we are experts in diagnosing your problems and the cause of the problems, and we use cutting edge treatment techniques to rehabilitate you back to your normal self if not better as soon as possible. Prevention is extremely I important to us and we offer specialised treatments and advice to help you maintain your optimal health and fitness.

Do I have to be referred?

No, the simplest and quickest way to see a Physio is to book an appointment yourself. You can also be referred from your GP or consultant, but this is not essential.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically most only need 5 sessions or less. However this will depend on your condition and the severity of it. Physiotherapy sessions will only continue if they are of benefit to you. In some cases referrals to other specialists such as podiatrists or consultants is necessary, but your treatment plan will always be discussed with you.

What shall I Wear?

We ask that you dress appropriately, your Physio may require you to be in shorts and remove your top to examine the area causing your problem.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.

Phone: 01883625675

Email: info@eephysiotherapy.co.uk

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We are located in Warlingham.

Some patients come from local areas others have travelled from further afield for our expertise, North London, Worcester Park & Essex to name a few!

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