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We use a wide variety of manual therapy techniques to release stiff and painful joints and stretch the surrounding tissues.

Manipulation may not always be suitable for you and more gentle techniques such as mobilisations may be more appropriate. This will be discussed with you on your initial consultation.

The click heard during a manipulation is actually a release of gas and not bone grinding. A manipulation cannot 'realign your joints'. The reason for this is; if you picture your skeleton alone without any ligaments, tendons or muscles attached to it the bones would simply be a pile on the floor without structure. So to think a manipulation alone can realign an out of place joint is incorrect. The manipulation in combination with re-educating the surrounding tissues via specific exercises, soft tissue release and much more, will allow the joint to change position and stay there. It is the tissues surrounding a joint that decide upon where the bone sits. Scientific evidence states that if a joint is manipulated without a combination of any other treatment the effects are extremely short lived and your pain and stiffness will quickly return.

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We are located in Warlingham.

Some patients come from local areas others have travelled from further afield for our expertise, North London, Worcester Park & Essex to name a few!

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