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Sports Massage is a hand's on therapy, beneficial for both physically active and inactive people alike.

It is a highly effective treatment for soft tissue injuries such as muscle pulls, tendon strains or ligament sprains.

It is also an extremely effective treatment for muscular aches and pains caused by occupational strain such as office work, driving, gardening or lifting.

For the regular exerciser, maintenance sports massage combined with your training programme will help prevent injury and optimise your performance.

Beneficial for:

Maintenance Sports Massage

Training regularly in any sport or at any level means your body would benefit from a sports massage. A maintenance massage could be needed anywhere between daily to every 6 weeks depending on the intensity of your training programme. Sports massage should be part of any training programme along with your stretches and cool downs/warm ups as this is all vital in maintaining healthy muscles and preventing injury.

Regular sports massages get rid of annoying aches and pains before they progress into something that will interfere with your training regime. They can also speed up the recovery process between each training session to allow you to push yourself further next time.

Maintenance massage is also very useful for office workers who spend a lot of time in poor postures and get tightness in the neck area and /or headaches.

The benefits of regular Sports Massage:

Regular sports massage therapy is now being seen as a necessity rather than a luxury to anyone who wants to remain injury free and at their optimal fitness.

Injury Treatment

Sports massage therapy can be used to treat soft tissue injuries, muscle, tendon or ligament. It is also an effective treatment for occupational strain due to poor posture or repetitive strain.

It is also an extremely effective treatment for chronic muscular aches and pains caused by a variety of tasks, eg lifting or gardening.

Treatment involves assessment followed by soft tissue manipulation combining different techniques such as MET's, Trigger Points, Soft Tissue Release and Frictions

Sports Massage is combined with a full rehabilitation programme involving stretches, mobility and strengthening exercises to ensure a full recovery.

Sports massage/deep tissue massage is used in your Physio sessions as a treatment technique. We also offer 1 hour maintenance massages which are for those that would like regular preventative treatments. These are not for those with injuries where a Physio session is required.

Elizabeth Edwards can bring Sports Massage and Physiotherapy services to races, events, competitions or matches

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